About Our Products

Our pendant lamps are designed to fit any common pendant kit, both medium base and candelabra base. These pieces can directly replace an installed globe, or be installed as new work.
We sell with UL listed pendant kits to comply with regulations of any building. Each kit comes with a premium quality bulb and ensures easy installation, since we believe your purchase should be simple and complete.


A typical lead time to make a pendant lamp is 2-4 weeks.  We have the capacity to provide many pieces for a large job or chain.  Our lead time for large jobs is well within any standard construction timing requirement.  We are capable of reducing lead times to meet any timeline.


The entire portfolio is currently designed and handcrafted in the Metro Detroit area.



Our tap handles are designed to deliver a prominent message among the tap handle row.  We can provide 3D renderings and physical samples of our designs based on your brewery theme, or we can accept your design direction to fit your desired image.  Many customers choose their drink on an attractive tap handle alone, and we provide some of the best in industry.